S1 NO.1 STYLE JAV Censored (SSIS-759) The crotch and thighs of the high-leg swimsuit that drove the students into rape...

Length 120 minutes
Release 2023-06-15
Category Censored
Maker S1 NO.1 STYLE
Starring Actress Hoshimiya Ichika Ichika Hoshimiya 星宮一花
Genres beautiful feet leg fetish Slender Swimsuit

SSIS-759 << Thin shapely, 168cm model Ichika Hoshimiya's delightful legs hang out in a high-leg bathing suit! A wedded lady, Ichika, who functions as a swimming class teacher to help her family, was not interested in her appearance. She has a bathing suit with a point that is sufficiently sharp to chomp into her, long uncovered legs that are slim, and white skin that is sufficiently sound to repulse water. 教室に通うオヤジたちの性の対象になるとも露知らず、彼女のイヤらしい脚は今日も魅力を漂わせ数珠つなぎの輪姦の渦に呑まれていく・・・。 – JAVSAG.COM SSIS 759 JAV PornStar Hoshimiya Ichika / 星宮一花 / Ichika Hoshimiya

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